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A brief podcast lament on the personal stories lost when delicious.com “flipped the switch” on the old site and turned on the new one owned by Avos.

Up in smoke. by flickr user ninasaurusrex

6 min 35 sec

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[audio http://www.archive.org/download/DarrenKuropatwaFixdelicious/FixDelicious.mp3]

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Mashups & Collaboration: Saskatchewan School Librarians Association Keynote

•June 19, 2011 • 1 Comment

On April 15, 2011, Dean Shareski and I were asked to give the keynote presentation for the Saskatchewan School Librarians Association. The title was Mashups and Collaboration but we really spoke about the amazing opportunities offered by social media and digital storytelling to create powerful learning experiences for learners.

80 min 38 sec
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ipadio: Always Beta – 4th phonecast

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Visit http://ipad.io/QR3 to hear my latest ipadio phonecast

Or listen here:

Episode 03: textbooks Learning Platforms

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If you missed it: part 1, part 2.

In this third part of my interview with Carly Shuler we talk about reimagining digital textbooks as learning platforms.

11 min 25 sec
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I haven’t done much digging in this space until recently. If it interests you here are some other things worth looking at:

Videos Mentioned


Episode 02: (mobile) Learning Beyond Time & Space

•February 23, 2010 • 1 Comment

If you missed it: part 1.

In this second part of my interview with Carly Shuler we continue the discussion of the state of technology in Canadian classrooms and find ourselves talking about Mobile Learning; a topic close to both of our hearts.

When I talk about the shift of learning times and spaces, this is what I was thinking of:

Learning Time and Space
Photo Source: Time and Space v2 by flickr user dkuropatwa

CORRECTION: Towards the end of this segment I talk about the 2010 Horizon Report. I said the 2009 Horizon report had Mobile Learning on the 1 to 2 year horizon but this years report doesn’t mention it all. I was wrong. Mobile Computing is still on the 1 to 2 year Horizon. My apologies to the authours of the report.

9 min 49 sec
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Episode 01: we need new metaphors

•February 21, 2010 • 2 Comments

Last week I was interviewed by Carly Shuler. We talked about many things. Mainly she wanted to talk about the future of the textbook in the digital age from the perspective of textbook publishers.

The interview was about 50 minutes long so I’ve broken it down into 4 or 5 chunks.

This first bit focuses on the current state of technology integration in Canadian classrooms. I told her what I know. You probably know more about it. Please share it here in the comments. Thanks.

13 min 16 sec
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Photo credit: FBI Classroom by flickr user billerickson