A brief podcast lament on the personal stories lost when delicious.com “flipped the switch” on the old site and turned on the new one owned by Avos.

Up in smoke. by flickr user ninasaurusrex

6 min 35 sec

Download (6.0 MB)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/DarrenKuropatwaFixdelicious/FixDelicious.mp3]

If you tweet about this please use the hashtag: #FixDelicious


~ by dkuropatwa on September 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “#FixDelicious”

  1. Darren,

    I had no idea they just wiped all the accounts… how stupid is that! Thanks for the impassioned plea for sanity. Sorry to hear that you had so much go missing in the migration. You’re right, it’s not just links (I backed all my links up, as I’m sure you probably did too, and in fact I preemptively moved most of my stuff over to Diigo anyway so it was being collected in two places) but what Avos did displays a serious disregard and disrespect for their users’ data. That concerns me. That they would choose not to allow archiving in the Wayback Machine concerns me. That they did not think users would be outraged by the unanticipated loss of their data and their stories concerns me. That we have become accustomed to placing so much trust in the cloud should probably concern me too.

    But the main point you make is that it was not the links themselves, but rather the stories and relationships and history that those links represented that was the real loss here. To have a company like Delicious not understand that (or choose not to care) is very sad indeed. It certainly doesn’t make me want to keep using the service.

    merci pour l’aperçu… mes condoléances pour la perte de sens commun


  2. It’s one thing to stop the storytelling, yet another to destroy the stories already created… Great insight! I was upset at the ‘format’ but did not realize they went well beyond that and hope they figure out a way to recapture the stories.

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